A new specialization at “Karpen” College from Bacău

Several students from College “N. V. Karpen” Bacău, from different levels of training, participated for several days last week in courses about optical fiber. The course was taught by professors Virgil Popa and Paul Cucu, under the direct guidance of Adrian Moraru, the representative of AFOR – the Romanian Fiber Optic Association.

The two teachers of College “N. V. Karpen” participated a few weeks ago in an extensive course held in Bucharest, and now, they tried to convey to the students, as interestingly as possible, the knowledge about optical fiber and high-speed data transmissions.

“The ECERT project – Experts and Centers of Excellence in Telecommunication Networks in Romanian schools, was established by AFOR in partnership with WorldSkills Romania, aims to revitalize PTTR high schools. 10 high schools out of a total of 26 high schools that have a telecommunications profile signed up for the project and it started 3 weeks ago, when we had the opportunity to train 12 teachers from 9 high schools, and we are going to train another series of 12 teachers in April . After teachers have been trained, they pass it on to their students. Thus, it is much more attractive, more interesting, and students thus have the opportunity to enter the labor market thanks to these courses that are done with current fiber optic communication equipment and technology. Through this project, for example, we are preparing and we intend to have a manual on optical fiber by the end of June and then to have an Olympiad on trades in the spring of next year”, explained Cornel Bărbuț, the vice-president of AFOR.

Practically, through these courses, students are prepared for the job of optical fiber splicer, a job that is increasingly sought after by companies in the field of communications. More often than not, these companies hire people that they try to “specialize” in the workplace. Through these courses, the students of “Karpen” will be ready to specialize in this job.

How the students of “Karpen” see the new specialization

“It seems to me an interesting specialization, which is of the future. I’m passionate about electronics and I think this opportunity, to take these courses, will really matter a lot for my future.”

Rusu Alexandru

“I did an internship in this field at a company in Bacău. It was by chance and I really didn’t have a passion for the field, but over time I started to like it. I wanted a future in a completely different field, hairstylist, but now I discovered this job, I like it and that’s what I want to do in the future.”

Chireac Andrei

“I was attracted to computers and everything related to networks from a young age. Then when fiber optics came along, it seemed like a booming field. And it’s very interesting, I like it and I think that this field will be my future, especially since I want to take other courses in this specialization.”

Cristian Vascan

About the importance of these new courses, in the new specialization, from the College “N.V. Karpen”, the director of the educational institution, Prof. Remus Cazacu, also spoke to us:

“The opportunity offered by the WorldSkills Romania Foundation to train two specialist teachers who can, in turn, train our students in acquiring the necessary skills for optical fiber splicing, is an additional chance for our graduates to facilitate the transition from school to work. Also, the CDL developed by the group of specialists on this topic, will allow the diversification of the educational offer of our school, for the qualifications in the IT&C area and will be able to be applied to the future series of graduates, increasing the chances of employment on the labor market.”

Source:  Desteptarea Bacau Newspaper