ECAI 2018

06 Iulie 2018

In ECAI 2018 (Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence International Conference) on 29th of June, organised in Iasi, at Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, at the invitation of INSCC (National Institute for Studies and Research in Communication), AFOR presented an article through its Vice-Presidnet, Mr Cornel Barbut, regarding the Fiber Optic Deployments in Romania between the Metropolitan Fiber Optic Networks and Indoor Fiber Optic Networks.

It is a good occasion to observe that there are 10 years since in Romania exists Metropolitan Fiber Optic networks with the first 2 cities (Bucharest and Cluj) signed contracts by the Municipalities.

What is happened in Romania within these last 10 years with these and others Metropolitan Fiber Optic Networks?

It is interesting to see after 10 years that the first 2 networks from Bucharest and Cluj had been sold and bought by other companies. It means that we are now in Metropolitan Fiber Optic Networks 2.0 in Romania (Phase 2) where we have a lot of Good practices and Lessons Learned in the last 10 years.

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