AFOR meeting- Association of Cable Power Manufacturers

30 Septembrie 2017

AFOR had a meeting on Friday, September 29,2017 with a representative of the Association of Power Cable Manufacturers ( association with 5 members established in 2012), a representative from IGSU and OICPE on CPR and its implementation modalities in Romania.

As a result of 2nd Workshop of 18 May 2017, the issue of CPR and the use of external versus indoor cables has been discussed and analyzed in depth.

Specific action measures have been identified, among which the implementation of the proposals made by participants of the AFOR workshop of May 18, agreed by the Association of Power Cable Manufacturers, to be carried out in I 18-1 (to work on updating the old one with MDRAP) and I7 (which is in the process of updating). In addition, we had the opportunity to witness a data cable test to see the CPR fire reaction. It was a cable that was classified under one of the four tests to be done with class B2ca s1 d2. The cable burned in the 20 minutes of testing only on a length of 75 cm, compared to 1.5 m as standard.

We learned on this occasion that the HG 622 was recently updated by publishing on September 20,2017 in the Official Gazette of the HG 668/2017 on laying down the conditions for the marketing of construction products. So all who sell and install fiber optic cables in buildings should know about the appearance and provisions of this new law. Here are assigned tasks related to cable fire behavior (CPR) for IGSU and ISC. There will be actions taken by the involved parties to develop healthy and sustainable principles, expanding the fiber optic networks in the Romanian buildings in the following years.