5th Workshop 2017: Fiber Optic Measurements

23 Octombrie 2017

AFOR organizes Wednesday 8 November, 2017, the 5th Workshop and will be live on AFOR facebook page.

The theme of the workshop: Fiber Optic Measurements

The workshop will take place at the Phenicia Grand Hotel (Baneasa area) from 9 to 13 pm and participation will be done only on the basis of registration and confirmation of participation, the hall having only 40 seats. Up to 2 people can participate from operators and only 1 person/company from suppliers. One of the aims of this workshop is to make a guide of good practices for fiber optic fusion splicing cables as a support for the implementation rules of Law No. 159/2016.

Participants will have the rare opportunity to see presentationes of OTDRs and other optical fiber measuring equipment from 5 comerciants of equipment present in Romania, to ask questions and to exchange experience on the important things that can help to increase the quality of the  optical fiber measurement works.

We hold forth this workshop, because we found lately that there are fewer specialists in Romania who know how to make correct measurements on fiber optics and in addition due to the new measurement needs required by the new DWDM equipment and future equipment on fiber optics.

 Because the access to the room is limited to the number of people and the interest around the topic is high, AFOR decided that this event will be broadcast live on their Facebook page and on the YouTube channel.

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  • Workshop 5 - 2017: Masuratori Fibre Optice