No. 4 2017 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing workshop summary

29 Octombrie 2017

On october 4, 2017, AFOR organized the no.4 workshop, Optical Fiber Fusion splicing, which took place in Bucharest at Hotel Grand Phenicia.

After the first 3 workshops in 2017, that were held in Slatina, at Prysmian fiber optic cable factory, 24 people from AFOR and 7 of its members (Celesta, Prysmian, Romkatel, R&M Romania, Telecom Instruments, Teledatanet and Tele-Grup) participated in this first autumn workshop, 2 telecom operators (RCS&RDS and Euroweb) and an association of operators: ANISP and Electrica (5 people from Bucharest, Muntenia North and Transylvania South).

Many other people wanted to participate and to be informed about the discussions in this workshops such as MCSI, ANCOM and other operators.

This workshop was the first live broadcast and the event can be viewed on AFOR's Facebook page: