Workshop's (5 articole)

Optical Fiber Measurement Workshop - 8 Nov. 2017

AFOR organizes Wednesday 8 November,2017 the 5th Workshop with the theme: Fiber Optic Measurements. LIVE on AFOR's facebook page

23 Octombrie 2017

"Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing" Workshop- 4 Oct. 2017

Optical fiber fusion splicing workshop. Registration and confirmation of participation.

30 Septembrie 2017

"Installing optic fiber cables in Romania" Workshop

."Installing Fiber Optic Cables in Romania" summary and conclusions

04 Mai 2017

Fiber Optic Day Romania 2016 - Workshop

Workshop section of the event included 3 sections: FO cables and connectors, FO equipment, education and research. The presentations were very valuable and caught the attention of those who were presents. Section was moderated by Cornel Bărnuț - Vicepresident, AFOR and opened the other two members of the AFOR board, Cristina DEAC and Catalin CHIVU.

02 Martie 2016