A new training program in Fiber Optic Networks has ended

More than 300 students from nine telecommunications high schools from all over the country will study Fiber Optic Networks starting from autumn, within the project Experts and Centers of Excellence in Telecommunications Networks.

  • The nine specialized high schools will benefit from equipping the laboratories with equipment necessary to create networks, where students will learn to splice optical fiber.
  • The new subject, Fiber Optic Networks, is being approved by the Ministry of Education, and 12 telecommunications teachers from the nine high schools are preparing this week in Bucharest to teach this subject in the classroom starting from autumn.
  • The equipment of the laboratories and the training program addressed to teachers are offered by AFOR – the Romanian Fiber Optic Association in partnership with the WorldSkills Romania Foundation.

Through the project Experts and Centers of Excellence in Telecommunication Networks, AFOR – the Romanian Fiber Optic Association and the WorldSkills Romania Foundation want to train a new generation of professionals in the field of telecommunications, with in-depth skills in fiber optic networks. 

Fiber optics and fiber optic networks are essential in today’s world. They enable fast and efficient transmission of data, images and sounds around the world. Compared to other forms of data transmission, such as copper cables or radio transmission, optical fibers offer much higher bandwidth and much lower signal loss. This means that these networks can transmit large amounts of data at extremely fast speeds, making possible applications such as real-time video streaming, online gaming applications, and real-time video interaction. These technologies have transformed the way we communicate and interact globally and are crucial to the continued development of the digital society. Cornel Bărbut, Vice President of AFOR – Romanian Fiber Optic Association 

Through the project Experts and Centers of Excellence in Telecommunications Networks, the partners create nine Centers of Excellence in Telecommunications Networks, within specialized high schools, where students have access to teachers aligned with international standards in the field, resources for practical training activities and curriculum aligned to the needs of the industry, with a focus on developing the skills needed at this time in the industry.

The nine participating high schools cover all regions of the country:

  • N.V. College Karpen, Bacău
  • Gheorghe Airinei Technical College of Posts and Telecommunications, Bucharest
  • Augustin Maior Technical College of Communications, Cluj-Napoca
  • Technological High School of Electrotechnics and Telecommunications, Constanța
  • Transilvania Technological High School, Deva
  • Gheorghe Mârzescu Technological High School of Electronics and Telecommunications, Iasi
  • George Barițiu Technical College, Baia Mare
  • Mr. Tudor Technological High School, Drobeta Turnu Severin
  • Emanuil Ungureanu Technical College, Timisoara


AFOR is calling on telecommunications companies to support the nine high schools with internships for students and the necessary equipment for laboratories to build fiber optic networks. At the moment, the project is the private initiative of AFOR and the WorldSkills Romania Foundation and is fully funded by private funding. Cornel Bărbut, Vice President of AFOR – Romanian Fiber Optic Association

The project will end in June 2024 with the WorldSkills National Telecommunication Networks Olympiad, based exclusively on practical competition tests. The role of the Olympiad is to give recognition to those who have achieved the level of excellence in professional training in the field of telecommunications and to remind us all how important telecommunications is to our society and how valuable professionals in this field are.

AFOR – Asociația de Fibră Optică din Romania is an association established by freelancers in 2012 and has run more than 30 courses for more than 300 students in the last 9 years. The courses run by AFOR have the following topics: fiber optic junctions, fiber optic measurements, fiber optic cable installation, fiber optic network design, FTTH networks. AFOR also offers customized courses based on companies’ needs. In the ECERT project, AFOR participates with four main trainers and several collaborating trainers. 

The WorldSkills Romania Foundation supports professional performance among young people, for the personal success and development of Romania through: 

  • promoting excellence in the professional field;
  • providing relevant learning experiences in various professional fields;
  • facilitating collaboration between the various organizations involved in supporting the orientation, training, integration and professional development of young people, for a better correlation between the education system and the labor market.

The vision of WorldSkills Romania:

Every young person discovers and develops their professional potential, thus contributing to a better world.

The mission of WorldSkills Romania:

We offer varied opportunities for young people to discover their skills, inclinations, passions and develop their skills, attitudes and knowledge so that through their professional activity they contribute to a better world.


Source: www.romaniapozitiva.ro