Romanian Fiber Optic Association

AFOR is a professional association that includes fiber optic companies, operators, cable manufacturers, fiber optic accesories and equipment, designers, consultants, service providers, fiber optic infrastructure developers/operators, professors, university assistants and other specialists working in this field.
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    We organize training for fiber optic industry

    In 2015, AFOR succeeded in introducing the job of fiber optic jonctor in the COR, code 7742215 and we constantly organize splicing, measurements, network design and special training for the fiber optic industry,

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    We participate in partner events and conferences

    AFOR coordinates Fiber Optic Training in Europe workshop from FTTH Council Europe and participates in partner events and conferences: Communications Day, ECAI, Interlan, ARSCM, AREL

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    We get involved in the relationship with institutions

    AFOR created the SR standard, approved by ASRO in 2014. AFOR is a member of the technical committee CT 138 fiber optics within ASRO and communicates permanently with ANCOM, MDRAP, MCSI









From the beginning, AFOR had the objective of increasing the professional quality of the specialists who work in this field and because the fiber optic junction profession was missing from the job list, it was finally introduced under the name of Fiber Optic Jonctor, approved on November, 27, 2015. The courses are conducted in collaboration with Optikline, which is accredited by the ANC.








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Workshop – Fiber Optic Sensing For Utilities and Industry

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1. How can I become an AFOR member?

To become an AFOR member you need to complete an application for membership which you can request by email.

2. Who can become an AFOR member?

AFOR members can be legal entities, specialists in the field of optical fibers and the country of origin doesn’t metter.

3. Which is the annual contribution for legal entities members?

Legal entities pay an annual fee of 1.000 euros (in January). Also, AFOR membership as a legal entity provides: appearence on the site at the members section, free acces to the annual Romanian Fiber Optic Conference and other benefits.

4. Which is the annual contribution as a private individual members?

Individuals do not pay the annual contribution. Also, AFOR membership as a private individual can be obtained by the people who are actively involved in the activities of the association and they can be: teachers, university assistants and other specialists who are in the field of optical fibers.

5. What is AFOR?

AFOR is a professional association that aims to bring together all those interested in the field of optical fibers. Last, but certainly not least, the association offers solutions for improving the activity in this field.

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